On the political violence front, Spanish “green energy” companies are threatening people with mail bombs. (h/t)

South Carolina handily nominates a black dude to run for the 1st congressional district.  But, oh noes, he’s a Republican.  The GOP also nominated an Indian woman to run for governor.  And now, apparently even when the Democrats in South Carolina nominate a black dude, it’s still the Republican’s fault.

Going on with the racism meme.  Remember the OMG racist tea party posters with Obama as Hitler? Well a congressional candidate, who won her party’s nomination, cribbed the same posters for her campaign.  Of course, it’s in Texas. . . what?  She’s black?  And a democrat?  head ‘splode.

Then Oliver Stone makes a cinematic love letter to Hugo Chavez, and it predictably bombs. . . in Venezuela.  You can tell Stone’s a Socialist because he obviously doesn’t care about making a profitable movie.

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